Ash – Arcadia (Single Review)


On a total Ash buzz today and can’t wait until Monday to review the next single. Song has been heard, words must be written and bitches must get their rock!! The third release from the A – Z Series is titled Arcadia and it’s due out on November 9th. If you’ve been following the band recently, you’ll know all about the 26 singles being released every fortnight for the next year. If you haven’t been following them, you know it now!

So far we’ve seen some disco. Then we got some monster eighties mash up. Then we saw some featherweight rock ballady work. Arcadia notches things up a wee bit in all respects. I haven’t heard the studio recording so this review is just based on a live video on You Tube.

The start is similar in ways to the last single, Joy Kicks Darkness. However everything kicks in a lot faster. The guitars are louder and heavier. The drums are wilder and Tim’s voice is more classic Ash. There’s no quiet moments and the harmonies sound like they’ll be killer on the studio version. Its shit catchy and sung at this speed just increases its catchiness. What can I tell ya, it’s probably my favorite along with Return of White Rabbit.

The only thing missing (and maybe I’m just missing it) is a full on Guitar Solo like they had in Joy Kicks Darkness. Tim is the most unlikely rock guitarist since Rivers Cuomo but when he rocks; he fucking rocks the place (just listen to that riff in Uncle Pat…which I’ve just stuck on because it rocks so fucking much!). Still a pretty sweet track and one Tickets There hopes they include in the set.

I’ll add the video when they release the official one. Until next Time, Happy Halloweennnnnn…..belated 😉

UPDATED – 09/11/2009: Just heard the studio recording of this track and it’s savage. Go and check it out by Clicking Here.


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  1. what a tune!

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