MySpace Review – The Spikes


Today’s review will be the second last (or the very last if I still can’t find Dub Country) that takes a look at this year’s lineup for the Dublin Rocks! Festival taking place at the Village on the 13th and 14th of November. The Spikes are headlining on I think this is the fifth or sixth time I’ve sat down to try and write a piece about this group. Every single time I listen to them is seems to be a totally different sound, style, band,..everything. At first they sounded like kids, then they sounded like The Killers, then they sounded like The Doors and then they sounded crap…..then finally, they sounded appealing. Now, after several false starts, it’s time to really sink the teeth in and figure out exactly what we think of this band.

Tickets There hasn’t seen this band live but we’ve partially listened to them numerous times.

Ok, Super Modern Queen is the Doors-esque one I’ve heard before. Not really like the Doors on closer inspection. You’d hear the Morrison influence in places but it’s more like an early nineties indie song with a little more umph. It’s not a bad wee track, has some great places. Quite relaxed, unchanging but steady and pounding in places (*turns volume up). Things pick up slightly on the vocals towards the end and the singer cuts loose a wee bit. Tickets There likes it.

Betty Ford is next and this is a totally different buzz. This is where the Killers impressions came from me thinks. Its indie, its upbeat it’s a little soppy for our taste. One thing it’s not is Rock N Roll. Their Influences range from The Who, Zeppelin, The Stones, Joy Division and Nick Cave but this song might aswell have been written by Snow Patrol. The heavier vocals and swearing near the end don’t change things so don’t be fooled.

Next song Chain Me doesn’t try and recreate the atmosphere of the Super Modern Queen and goes the Betty Ford direction. Very boring, very done before. Hypnotized finally drops the Snow Patrol style and goes slightly more rock. The vocals return to a more rocky style which is a plus. The singer (Tom Dunne) has a distinctive voice that could be better suited singing real music rather than killers rip off’s (Snow patrol, Killers, Kaiser Chiefs…it’s all the same shite. Don’t agree? Well come back when Tickets There gives a shit about what you think ..we’ll let you know 😉 )

Act you Age unfortunately destroys any chance of Tickets There giving the thumbs up for The Spikes. It’s so boring, repetitive and drawn out with really annoying vocals messing around over the whole thing. The band can play, they can obviously write actual songs (don’t get confused, Tickets There isn’t attacking this bands ability to write. We just don’t like this sound personally and are attacking that rather than the bands ability to play it.) so I don’t know why they take their cloths, write some decent hard rock that suits them or, drop that ‘rock n roll rebel’ image and admit they play the same tired old pop rock every other Gary Lightbody wanna be does.

Final song Red City Light just drags out the inevitable.

Boring, not Tickets There thing and one of the last bands we’d ever consider for a Rock festival. People are using that word a little loosely these days. Click Here for more details about this year’s Dublin Rocks! Festival.


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