Ham Sandwich – Out of the Darkness (Single Review)


Tickets There doesn’t do many of these but we’d like start more of them. To kick things off, we’re taking a look at Ham Sandwich’s brand new single Out of the Darkness, which is officially released on November 6th. Unfortunately I can’t find an image of the single cover yet (but it’s there on their MySpace in tiny format) so I’ll add this when one pops up.

Out of the Darkness is the first single from the bands highly anticipated second album and ya know what, it’s not too bad. Tickets There has always liked Ham Sandwich’s harmonies and there’s plenty of them on this number. The style isn’t as unique as their first album but it’s still got that Ham Sandwich loudness pasted all over it. Niamh’s voice sounds great but Podge’s has been pushed to the back alot more than on their previous material. Musically it keeps that building feeling from start to finish with several deliveries. The chorus is sweet. It’s simple but nice.

Weird to write about one song so we’ll wrap up this short n sweet wee tweet by saying, Tickets There likes it. The albums due out in Spring 2010 so we’ll be bring you more as we hear it.

Click Here to visit the bands MySpace and hear it for yourself!

Oh, and Niamh…smile more, it suits you.


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