MySpace Review – The Beat Poets


Stop the presses, this isn’t a genuine MySpace Review. This is a Breaking Tunes Review and Tickets There has decided to use BT because this next band decided it would be better to put two minute samples on their MySpace instead of full songs (B*stards). Ah well, fortunately the first song on breaking Tunes sounded a hell of alot more appealing than the one on their MySpace, so it’s all for the best. The band in question or The Beat Poets. They hail from Belfast (not enough Dublin bands to choose from?) and they seem to be getting alot of great press. Tickets There doesn’t care about all that. We’ve chosen them because they’re one of six groups playing the Dublin Rocks! Festival this month in The Village.

As usual Tickets There has never seen them or heard their album.

Ok, I postponed taking a look at The Spikes because…well, carpet doesn’t match the curtains with that lot. Imagine Lemmy (Now added to Word Dictionary. Lemmy should be a recognized word!), singing Snow Patrol and you’re on the right track. So instead The Beat Poets have the opportunity to surprise, entertain and delight the notorious, yet sedated Tickets There. First song, Staring Stars Down does a pretty good job of doing just that. Fast paced, loud, guitars, drums and almost Axl speed on the vocals. It’s a big song and any radio station that turns down a track like this needs to be taken out back and shot (hear that ya pricks?). Very good fast paced rock n roll. Now we’re rolling.

Ohhh, very big change on second track Bloodline. Their profile mentions that they have the potential to be the biggest band to emerge from the north since Snow Patrol and a track like this will only further that notion. Rather than the full on guitar explosion and heavy riff filled belter than they have in Staring Stars Down, this is more intertwined with melody, light breezy effects and typical new millennium radio friendly characteristics. Not all bad. The chorus is quite good, the guitars do get heavier towards the end and there are a few elements of modern Red Hot Chili Peppers in the songs structure. Not bad but no Staring Stars Down. Tickets There remains confident that the last song will pull them back.

G.I doesn’t start off sounding like its gonna blow you away but by the time you reach the chorus they knock you back a little. Lyrics and vocals throughout the verse aren’t the best but the chorus is a total belter. Unfortunately, the guitar solo Tickets There was hoping for never materializes and the tune ends very abruptly. Still though, not a bad group at all and hopefully they have several more wee shit kicking tracks up their sleeve. Guess we’ll find out on November 14th when the play Dublin’s Village. Before all that, TT is going back to hear the first track again.

Tickets There would recommend. Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.

To hear the tracks we’ve reviewed, check out their profile at Breaking Tunes by Clicking Here.


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