MySpace Review – Identity Parade


Thursday baby!!! Know what that means?? It mean free chocolate, pay day tomorrow and a brand, spanking new MySpace Review for yis. Not sure if all the music heads in the country will be able to recover from the exciting news about Paul McCartney himself playing here in December but I’m sure we’ll all struggle on :p. I’ve restored back to the HWCH 09 Festival line up to find another act for the almighty MySpace Review series.

Today’s review will be unfortunately short as the band has only posted 2 minute previews of each track. Identity Parade are a five piece Dublin act. According to their press release they’ve played alongside acts such as Republic of Loose, Director and The Blizzards but please folks; let’s not hold that against them. I’m sure they had good cause. Anyways, let’s push on and see what they’re like.

As usual I’ve never seen them live or heard their record.

Ok, first song, Ooh Ooh caught my attention immediately. Well priced, sounds like they know what they’re doing and pretty full on. A couple more listens and the track is still pretty solid. Very down/up beat kind of pop rock. Foo Fighters meets The Killers if you want a description. Pretty ok song, just a pity they cut the end of it off.

Next up is Colette Collar. Same kind of style but a little more upbeat and more like one of those American punk band s(you know, the ones that look like total retards) during the chorus. Not a bad song except they get into a ghey (politically correct way of writing the derogatory slang term. TT doesn’t want to upset our readers. We do hate politically correctness though, imagine, we as a species have reached a point where we need guidelines on how to act as humans towards each other. Anyone reads this who worries about offending others and being politically correct – you’re a total sap!!  Act like a fucking decent person and you’ll find we don’t need guidelines) little melody bit towards the end of the preview. Just as the song sounds like it’s about to improve…they cut it off. That doesn’t entice Tickets There to go listening, it gets us pissed off! Yer not Zeppelin lads so let people hear your music.

Kicking Stones brings the more singer / songwriter effort from the band. This one’s just a tad Swiss and not one of Tickets There’s favorites. Very basic Foo Fighters except a little more obvious and cheesy. As this sound goes, it’s an American thing so Irish bands trying to emulate it doesn’t really work because it doesn’t represent us as a people, no matter how hard most of the bands try to make it ours. Not bad songs, just a little mediocre as this style goes.

Check them out at Breaking Tunes and see for yourself.


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