MySpace Review – Ladydoll


The first ever Irish Music Television Awards have been announced and Tickets There…isn’t that interested. No mention of Humanzi’s Bass Balls video so could care less. Also, Jape is in there for some reason with Floating…despite the fact that video’s years old. Guess there just isn’t that many great Irish music videos out this year. If they are including old video’s, Directors’ Come With A Friend, Future Kings of Spain, Syndicate and …maybe Revelate should have been in there. Anyways, won’t get bogged down in that yet, I’ll do another blog later with all the details. Back to the Review. One of this year’s candidates for Best Live Video caught my eye. Ladydoll hail from Cork and I don’t know a damn thing about them…but they sound ok, so let’s give them a go.

As usual, I’ve never seen the band…you get the gist.

So, first up is Hunnybunny. Pretty Heavy intro. I always like loud guitars to kick things off, gets the blood going. Sounds like something very familiar. I’m not a big fan of this whiney kind of Emo voice but the music is pretty sweet. Really good production on the bass and guitars giving the song a real tight feeling. I see other writers have compared them to the Smashing Pumpkins but I wouldn’t get that from this track, it’s more upbeat than the Pumpkins. Not a bad number. I’d happily listen to it again.

Second track’s called Genetics and it’s got a totally different vide. Guitars, vocals and style completely change. There a nice piano melody over some pretty sweet start / stop indie. Singers voice is also alot strong when he’s not trying to whinge into the mike. Just slightly all over the place but interesting and hooky. Call me kooky, call me whacky but I like it. There’s an enormous feel to their sound and Tickets There likes grandeur. I think this would work well as a geek anthem. With a chorus comprised of the following line “It’s all about Genetics“, what else could it be?

Ah, final song’s called Charm Alarm and its style is similar to Genetics. The singer’s voice reverts to the style of Honeybunny which is unfortunate. Ireland has enough emo / American wannabe’s, but this lot aren’t the worst of them. Still a catchy song but not one TT would be rushing back to hear.

Well, not the worst. Not the best. You can do better, that’s all I’ll say.

Check out Ladydolls MySpace and see for yourself


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