MySpace Review – The Star Department


This is gonna be a quick one, just want to warn you now. I’m way behind my proposed forty MySpace review so I wanna get two out tonight if possible. Currently, I’m going by the Top 20 Download chart on (or net, can’t remember). I’ve decided to skip of a few of the acts because they’re total bollocks and I’ve settled for Dublin group, The Star Department. Never heard of them before, don’t like the sound of the first song that’s playing but let’s fire through anyways.

Never heard em, never seen em.

Porcelain Doll is a little annoying. Like a good version of Kill Krinkle Club with some brass instead of ass. Forced kind of tranquillity and a little pointless. Better than it should sound but not something you’d ever really be bothered with. You can just see the guys there, wearing very silly hats and acting very sincere. In my mind, the Smashing Pumpkins just did a full on, heavy guitars, massive string section version of this tracks and it fucking rocks. Original doesn’t though.

Antlers, a song with over 3,000 plays compared to Porcelain Doll’s 520, isn’t any better. It’s basically the exact same song (god am I fucking sick of saying that almost every fucking time I write about an Irish group). Annoying, shitty harmonies, boring, tired shitty guitars and terrible, stupidly terrible lyrics with the added bonus of annoying changes. Not good. I want a comment from their fans on this post, I want to see what people, who like this kind of music say. Bet that’ll be a laugh. Maybe more claims of Tickets There pushing artists over the edge. This isn’t a song, it’s a mess. Porcelain Doll suddenly looks a lot better.

Superhawk is third and last on the list. It has the least number of plays and the only difference I can hear between this and the others is more trumpets during the intro. Please see above for description of music. More bad harmonies, more boring guitars. More bad changes and much, much more badly placed instruments.

Hard Working Class Heroes my hole. More like ‘music’ for D4 gits with no taste!


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