Oliver Cole – What Will You Do? (Single Review)


In Tickets There’s opinion, Oliver Cole is one of Ireland’s finest songwriters. After three incredible albums with his former band Turn, he’s now taking the first steps to launch his debut solo record. Since Turn disbanded three years ago, Ollie has spent most of the time writing, recording and playing sporadic solo shows around the country. Now, with a fresh record deal with EMI in place, he’s ready to show his eager fan base what he’s been up to.

For fans of Ollie’s solo material, What Will You Do? might seem like a strange choice for the album’s first single. It’s an ‘out of the ordinary’ little number that sounds like….well, it sounds like Ollie. It’s off beat piano, thumping drums and the start-stop feel of the choppy chorus and bridges. All this considered, it works quite well. There’s a lot of repetition in the lyrics  but each verse, chorus and break see’s something new being added and at a short three minutes in length, it never manages to go stale. It’s quirky enough to keep any first time listener interested and strong enough to make the single appealing to anyone wishing to spend €5 on a sure thing.

Second track, Holding Your Heart is a much more straight forward number. It starts off nice and quietly before the band come bursting in with a loud sound that still manages to stay slightly contained. This keeps a constant feeling of building throughout the whole song that does (you’ll be happy to know) get released at the end.

Sweet & Soft is the final song on the single and it’s a lot softer than the previous numbers. Its style is also quite different ,which is a big characteristic of Ollie’s solo material. Off course some traits can never be forgotten (and shouldn’t be anyways) and Ollie’s love for harmonies and melody shine through on this number. It’s got a nice, sweet, well rounded kind of feel and adds a lovely closing feeling to the single.

Now that the first single is out, fans can expect the album to follow early next year, Keep checking Tickets There for more information about future release and a review of last night’s launch show will be posted later today.


One Response to “Oliver Cole – What Will You Do? (Single Review)”

  1. Not happy with this review, may change it. The single is brilliant but I don’t think I’ve gotten that across.

    Ah well, no more morning writing.

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