No More Negative MySpace Reviews…ever!


Hi folks,

Ok, Ever since the Best / Worst list went up there’s been more debate than Tickets There has ever seen before on our blog. I’ve had a think about how things came down to this and I’ve decided to jump ship. I started this blog to highlight bands around the country and talk about Irish music, not tear bands to pieces, which seemed to take over for awhile.

So, the decision is final. After having a chat with Brian from So Cow (who seems to be one of the most down to earth guys I’ve ever talked to on MySpace), I’ve decided not to do any more negative MySpace reviews and only post positive ones. Luckily enough some of the bands did find these funny rather than offensive and that’s pretty much what they’re meant to be.

I won’t remove the ones that are already there but I am deleting the worst 10 bands list (well, bringing it down to three bands instead of 10 and also removing that other ‘Avoid’ suggestions). Going forward, Tickets There is getting back to brining you new Irish bands and celebrating our music.

Our opinion hasn’t change about the groups, but life’s too short to tear others down.

All the best,


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