Tickets There to Celebrate KISS – SONIC BOOM / ALIVE 35


KISS, the world hottest bands and currently ranked number 4 on the Tickets There’s all time favourites, will release their new album Sonic Boom on the 6th of October!!

How is Tickets There going to celebrate?? Well, Megadeth was good but I think KISS needs something special so we’re going to review 35 of our favourite KISS songs and call it …Tickets There’s 35 KISS-LECTION. If you can think of a better name, send it on punk!

We’ll also have a review of the record itself once we get our hands on it. Tickets There is 100% against illegal file sharing and downloading so we won’t have the review until the physical copy comes out.

And one final thing, we’ll be posting a review of Alive 1975 – 2000, one album at a time!! And as one final gesture of good will, we’ll be sticking up a review of their classic 1976 album, Destroyer

Kiss Sonic Boom Artwork


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