MySpace Review – Mighty Atomics


Hello all, it’s time for another delve into the MySpace world and try and find an Irish band worth mentioning more than once. Recently there hasn’t been much joy and over on WordPress I managed to take a bashing from fans of So Cow and even (fuck me), Kill Krinkle Club. Ah well, I stand by every word. Let’s move on anways, today’s choice is the Mighty Atomics. I’ve never heard of this lot before so why not. They’re from Dublin and they list themselves as Garage / R&B and Surf. Should be interesting.

As usual, I’ve never heard their album or seen them live.

The first song, Hunting Season, started of while I was writing the intro and so far it’s not bad. Really is kind of Surf music with an overall Garage feeling. Kind of done before, very sixties rock with Chuck Berry style lead solo 2 and a half minutes in but it’s good. Now I’ve been burned before by great opening songs and 4 disappointing ones after so hopes haven’t been raised high yet. March of the Mighty Atomics is second and it’s an instrumental surf’s up, wipe-out kind of mesh. Very well done no matter how familiar it is. They really have a great guitar player in this group. It goes on for three minutes playing roughly the same piece again and again but they manage to keep it appealing. Two down and so far not a bad thing to say, that’s odd for TT.

The intro to third song, Uptight Werewolf sounds very, very familiar. Like something from The Troggs or The Doors. Good stuff none the less. Same style as the other two songs which I find a refreshing sensation. So many bands out there trying to be extremely diverse and 99.9.9% of them fuck it up royally. Think it’s fair to say the Mighty Atomics are getting a firm thumbs up from Tickets There. It may have been done before but it’s good stuff, so why not do it again?. There’s a kind of sloppy, live sound to these guys. Like they could sit down and in a couple of takes do it perfectly but instead, they capture that rawness very few bands manage to recreate in the studio. The forth song is a live song so we’ll see how it compares. Seasick is another surfy rock n roll swinger. I’m a minute in and there ain’t no lyrics so I’m guessing it’s an instrumental and the one thing I’ll ask is why? This could be a real ‘Johnny Be Good’ kind of track with a bit of filler so why not make it one? Ah well, pretty deadly solo in there so no complaints from TT.

Second last track is called El Diablo and I’m just waiting for it to load and I noticed the next one is called Batman Theme, that’ll be fun. Anyways, El Diablo has started and it’s already much stronger than the previous numbers. Vocals and music is rougher and more prominent and the overall flow is really well done. There are elements of newer bands audible in their sound and this helps spice up the classic old style. Unlike the previous songs, they’ve dropped alot of the Surfy style guitars but still kept the overall feeling. Probably my favourite so far and that’s against some stiff competition. Even the guitar solo’s style has changed. Rather than a picturesque image of Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, it’s late 70’s London, the 100 Club and a young Joe Perry has stood in for a band influenced by …the Mighty Atomics. Excellent stuff.

Final track is the Batman Theme and as hoped they do do a great job of it. Signed sealed and delivered!

Well the verdicts clear, I hated them :p. Honestly I’m completely surprised. They sound like alot of fun, they have the talent to back it up and they are firmly on my list of bands to watch. Keep an eye on Tickets There for a live review in the future.


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