Keeping the momentum going for the special 100th post announcement, here’s Tickets There’s second MySpace Review of the day. The Hassel Merchants weren’t too bad so let’s see how The Delorentos work out.

I haven’t seen them live and haven’t heard their album.

Right, gonna start by apologizing to readers outside Dublin, I picked four names randomly this morning and am determined to get through them all. I only just thought it might have been cool to pick an act from each province Ah well, I’m set in my ways now but may do that again some day. Actually, it might be cool if I cut back to using just to frames on the image. Ya know, one for positive reviews and one for bad ones so you know by the picture what I thought. Nah, on second thoughts that’s not a good idea. Lets move on.

First up is a nice little indie number, You Can Make Sound. It doesn’t waste much time jumping into things and actually sounds quite professional. Honestly I didn’t this band were going to be worth mentioning but a minute into the first track and I’m intrigued. Sounds a little like a band trying to find that idie/hookey pop sound that the Killers and The Flaws strive for (Yes I know there’s no comparison, fuck off. Tickets There doesn’t like either of them anyway).  

All This Time is up next and instead of writing and listening; I kicked back for this one and thoroughly enjoyed it. At first I was preparing for another boring indie/love/wank wanna be but was proved ever so wrong. A good, quiet little number. Two good tracks in a row, I think this may be unchartered territory for Tickets There. I’m not a huge fan of the Coldplay sounding vocals but it isn’t prominent all the way through the song and they sound believable enough to pull it off. Do You Realize brings things back to the dance floor style. Again, that Killers kind of riff is there but fuck it, it’s Sunday and they’re fun. Time to kick back and listen again.

Basis of Everything brings us past the half way mark and once again the band go for the up beat sound. The opening riff is pretty catchy and the only criticism I can make is that they still opt for that generic pop/rock feel that’s everywhere at the moment. Think of the Future Kings of Spain in a reallly good mood. Still though, when a band does something well they deserve credit and the Delorentos do it well. I’d be willing to bet they’re a great act to catch live.

Eustace Street is second last and the intro has that great, bare but full sound I love (JapeNothing Lasts Forever kind of thing…without the Piano and samples). Nice simple bass riff and pretty good. I think the main thing making them stand out from most of the other rubbish out there is their ability to construct a song really well. I’m so sick of all the acts in this country who wouldn’t know a melody ..oh, never mind. About three minutes into Eustace Street, a great guitar riff kicks into overdrive. Really good. Shame we’re onto the last song. Stop closes things of and again, it’s a track designed for dance floors. Snare drum and bass offer a gentle frame before the guitar kicks in. Very happy musically and a good un for tapping your foot too.

Tickets There is impressed. As I said, I was pretty sure they were going to be crap and even though it’s not my particular brand of musical enjoyment, they are pretty good at what their doing. Hopefully they’ll mix things up in the future and invest themselves into offering something new. It’s the only way to stand out lads.



  1. yeah, myspace is always full of new talent in it.
    we should dig more to found a really good one.
    nice article there 🙂

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