Moving slowly along from the excellent Jaded Sun, I’ve had a look at my online friends and found what sounds like a great act from Louth. I’ve never even heard of The Rapport but a few seconds into their first track, I was sold.

As usual, I’ve never heard their album or seen them live.

First song Solid Gold starts like an early nineties grunge bruiser. Heavy gruelling guitars banging a slow beating riff out while gritty vocals belt out fast straight to the point lyrics. A strangely placed bridge interferes for a few seconds before a bursting sing along anthem style chorus trips in and leads to a short but energetic guitar solo to close things of. Another emptyish moment slows things down again and the song is filled out with another roar of the chorus. Not a bad little track by any means. Second song, A Certain Superficial European Humanbein changes things a little and sounds more like a hardcore moment. The song is lyrically blunt and it has more of those awkward quiet moments that are obviously placed for tension building. There are some funky bass fillers but nothing too special. The build towards the end and proceeding chorus does a good job of rejuvenating a song lacking in structure.

Third song, What Happened to the Independent Women has a little more melody than the others. I can only assume that’s one of those dodgy Zoom pedals accompanying the guitars and I’m sure a good prouder could do wonders for this number. The singer doesn’t really build the verse properly and before you know it the chorus jumps in without giving any time to get comfortable. There’s a little more sleaze in this one but the instruments just aren’t standing out enough this time and the song falls over it’s self a little. It does manage to deliver the best solo of the three tracks and the chorus feels a little more constructed as the song finishes.  

Stars May Fall brings things to an end and this time the band have dropped the gritty guitars for a cleaner intro. It’s a little slow and the first verse seems to drag on for sometime before things start to pick up. The vocals in the bridge sound a little out of tune and another Audioslave sounding chorus makes the bands sound a little less impacting. Overall, it’s probably the best structured song they have and the guitar-less moments are phased out and several complementing riffs are tossed in throughout the track.

Not the worst and much better than my criticisms make them sound. Tickets There would recommend The Rapport as a ‘one to watch’ and we’ll be looking for a live show to see how they sound in real life.


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