I must start by apologizing for this review being so behind the times. I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time and I’m finally going to force myself through it. The Bellies release their fourth album (Blue Lights on the Runway) in January and three songs have been posted on their MySpace. As a special MySpace Review, Tickets There has decided to sit down and give them a go to see if the boys still have it.

The Great Defector starts things off with a strong beat built from techno/organ sounding keyboards and Paul’s typical strong drumming. Nice changes, typical wacky lyrics that always see to work and the always pleasing harmonies make the song a nice little slice of poppy rock. The guitars have a real sunshine and beaches party feel. This may be coming from the lads recent stints over stateside where they’ve been picking up some great press and even managed to make several TV appearances. Not a massive leap from their traditional style but pleasing all the same.

How Your Heart is Wired sounds like a lot of their previous work. A RnB drum and soft vocals backed by a slight piano melody before little guitar segments kick in. Instead of writing while listening, I decided to sit back after the last sentence and give it my full attention and it’s actually a great song. Lovely sounds that make it both atmospheric and tranquil. The lads have really harnessed their strong points and developed them far beyond Neither Am I and Tickets There’s personal favourite, Music in Mouth. From what I’ve heard so far, I think I’ll pop out shortly to get the album.

A Better Band is the last of the new material on MySpace. Different style once again and more in keeping with older tracks. Good use of a cow bell and soothing guitars while still managing to keep a strong presence. Not a fantastic number but certainly not a bad number either. The chorus is a little empty for my tastes and in comparison to the two previous tracks, this doesn’t hold it’s own as well. Also has a bit of a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City eighties feel to it. Emotion FM here we go. Half way through there’s a nice bridge that starts to turn the flow of the song around and eventually erupts in a start stop guitar burst followed by a slow but thumping drum beat before it all falls together and the lads go at it all guns blazing. No lyrics, just mighty, slow, rockin beats. God was I fooled into thinking this would be the weak song.

Overall, incredible stuff, sounds like the boys certainly do still have what it takes. Not sure who this is going down with their old fans but I’m converted.

Fair play!


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