After the joys of finally being able to write something good about a band in the previous MySpace Review, I’m filled with an actual want to do another. Picking an act is a little more complex that filtering bands and choosing randomly. If you come across a band playing dance when you’ve a headache, your not going to enjoy them and that’s not fair on the band. Fortunately, I’m in the perfect mood for what’s on offer over at One Day International’s MySpace. As usual, I haven’t seen the band live and haven’t heard their album (if they have one). This review is simply based on their MySpace.

I wont pretend to know anything about One Day International. I’d heard of them before writing this review but only their name. Once again, I’m pleasantly surprised by the strength of their songs and feeling behind them.

Little Death starts things off. Nice, un-interfering song that would sit perfectly in any little dark club. Piano’s and a soft drum beat. Singer Matt Lunson (I presume he’s the singer) manages to avoid lyrical cliché’s for such an emotional song that most Irish bands dive head first into. The music changes perfectly compliment each other and the vocal bridge that closes the song resembles Bell X1 at their finest.

Sleeping on Trains is next and doesn’t pull you in as quickly as the first song. More emotional and the lyrics about the trains are a little…ya know. About a minute into the song the music really kicks in with a sad kind of circus feeling around it. Lovely little track that really comes together in the second half.

When Miss Your Mouth comes on, it becomes very clear this band are not here to sing songs like Start Me Up or YMCA. One Day International are all about the heart on sleeve loss of life. Fortunately, the music is so strong, with such awe-lovely changes that you cant help but let it grab you. The quiet, powerful drums, violins and piano’s add real depth and fantasy to the singers deep, soft voice. This is the kind of music Radiohead have to make poncy and pretentious and ruined it for everyone. Miss Your Mouth continues the trend of this band getting better and better and has to have the best sing along chorus yet.

Not over Yet is another beautiful song. The vocals are incredible. I don’t think there’s enough respect for true, simple talent these days. There’s no gimmicks here, no illusions of grandeur. Just simple, perfect music. I’m almost fed up writing this because it’s interfering with one of the nicest songs I’ve heard from an Irish act in a long time.

Is it fair to say Tickets There is a fan? Fuck yeah. Its also fair to say I’ve rushed through writing this review so I can finish and properly appreciate their songs. I just saw their still recording their début and it’s defiantly going to be in Tickets There’s collection when it does come out.

Check out their myspace…NOW!

And (god help us), try and catch them (in the worst possible environment), The Odessa Club on Feb 26th. Great bands on the bill, terrible, terrible place for shows… and only because the poncy ass members who insist on being there.


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